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Lowcountry Paddlers is a
Paddle America Club (PAC)
Affiliate of the 
American Canoe Association ( ACA)

Lowcountry Paddlers recognizes and endorses the
Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission
for their locally organized
paddling events and numerous
educational opportunities. 
Check them out!

 **New 5th Edition**

Kayak Charleston
by Ralph Earhart
Places to paddle within one hour of Charleston

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Fleece Paddle Covers
Author Last Post
Ah, yes, gotcha... It's yours!


The colorful, cartoony ones.


Will you be at the meeting Monday?

Which fishes?  If it's the reef fish, I think that one is already taken, but I will check tonight so see if I have multiple.

Sure are... I'll have them Monday.

Love the fishes; that’s the one for me! Thanks!

Hi! Suzette,


Dog paws and Frogs if they are still available.




Phyllis Malpas



I will take the "superman" and the "brown camo" if still available.

Paul Bryan

You got it!

I will take the deep blue and black one.


Hello, Fellow Paddlers!

As many of you know, my Mom passed away last November and, in slowly going through our houses, I have discovered a bin full of completed paddle covers that she made.  

Many of you who have been in the Club for over 10 years probably already own one, (or several!), but if you've added to your collection, or do not yet own one, I have over 20 for sale in 12 patterns.  They are designed to fit a standard sized take-apart paddle.

I have included several pictures of what is available.  Some are only in that pattern, (such as the green frogs, which is a soft flannel instead of fleece), and some I have several of the same pattern. 

I've also included in the pictures what a paddle looks like inside them.  There is an inner lining throughout that separates the paddle halves.

I am asking $20 each because that is what we originally sold them for years ago, however, there are a couple which were obviously "corrected" which I will sell for $15.

Anyway, I will have these with me at the Club Meeting at Ralph's on Monday.  You can also email me if you're interested in one and I can reserve it for you.
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