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 **New 5th Edition**

Kayak Charleston
by Ralph Earhart
Places to paddle within one hour of Charleston

Show and Go (only members can post here)

Tuesday 5 Feb: 8 Bridge Challenge on Ashley River...
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Celebrity showing on Tuesday's show and go.  Michael Condon plans to attend the Tuesday 8 Bridge Challenge. He, along with Tara Harney, developed this trip and I included it in the new 5th edition of Kayak Charleston; Trips Within an Hour of Charleston.  Michael has agreed to do a book signing before the trip.  So, plan to bring your 5th edition book to the landing, or if you do not have one, I'll sell you one at the $18 retail price  and eat the sales tax (saving you 9% on the purchase).  This is a great opportunity to officially recognize your intent to beat the  8 Bridge Challenge.  No one has accomplished this  challenge since the book has been published.

Note: To ease in shuttling, I plan to bring my trailer and carry as many boats and paddlers as I can to the Leeds Ave Landing starting point.  So please plan to be at Wappoo Cut in time to offload to my trailer, get your book signed, and be ready to depart by 9:30.

Weather forecast looks even better than before.

Ralph E
843 509 3037
Me too!

On Fri, Feb 1, 2019 at 10:26 AM R. Michael Condon ( <> wrote:
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Ralph, I plan to paddle with you Tuesday 5 Feb 8 Bridge Challenge on Ashley River
Ralph, I plan to paddle with you Tuesday 5 Feb 8 Bridge Challenge on Ashley River
I’m in!
Dick Whiteford plan to paddle on the 5th.
8 Bridge Challenge on Tuesday 5 Feb   (on the Ashley River, page
65 in my book).
With low tide at 2:30, I'd like to launch from Leeds Ave by 10:30 and take a lunch break on
the Maryville Pier.  That is a good place to get out and stretch and take a
bathroom break.  (It is a floating dock, so it may be a tad "tricky" to get
out there.  One might be able to paddle to the land and get out).

Meet at the Wappoo Cut Landing and be ready to run a shuttle at 9:30. Shuttle to Leeds Ave and launch.

This would be an L2 trip because of the length.

Ralph Earhart
843 509 3037

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