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New Launch Ramp at Jessen Landing
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Received your test, Dan.

On Apr 1, 2019, at 4:43 PM, Dan Hoke ( <> wrote:


-If you stand on the floating dock looking for this new ramp, you won’t see it. They tucked it up a side creek way over by their pump house. You’ll actually need to carry to launch from it.

-There are two other launch assisting ramps in the area that I can think of.  One of a similar design, but no rollers is at Palmetto Island Cty Pk. In Mt Pleasant. The other is up at the Northbridge County park in W. Ashley. It’s completely different and a neat design too.

-The new launching platform will work if you are using a plastic kayak only. It uses spaced rollers for your boat to move along. Each roller puts a bit of pressure concentrated on the hull. I’m concerned it would cause the hull of a composite kayak to delaminate. I’ll still use the cement ramp as I can drive right up to it.

That Jensen launch looks like a challenge without a kayak in tow.
Question: Are there any more launch ramps like the Jesson Landing in the Charleston area?
John Frassanito

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A new launch ramp for kayaks has been installed at the Jessen landing (Ashley River end of Ladson Road).  It is on the far right side of the landing (opposite end from standard concrete ramps.
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