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Lake Jocassee is on for this fall.
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For those panning on Jocassee this year, the time is now and Julie told me she's excited about it. My plan right now is Fri we'll head off to check out the waterfalls up the left fork and Sat maybe head across to the cliffs near the dam. This is subject to change on the groups whim. I welcome people to our site Fri for a group meal and every night as a place to gather. I will have my Smokey Joe Weber fired up for steaks. Alcohol is officially taboo unless it's out of site. Think coffee mug for beer. and a paper cup for wine. The park ranger locks the gate and goes home about dark leaving the camp host.

If you think you'll be late arriving Thur night you must call the park that day to get the combination to the gate lock. Phone reception into the camp is spotty.

Think of the man made lakes that line up the SC/GA border. Jocassee is the upper most one with very few homes, lot's of woods and clean, clear water. This is a must place to spend some paddling time. It's also the furthest from home and a bit of a drive. That's why the long weekend.

Tara does have space on her site for someones tent if they can get up there, but you must contact her first to get the info on where. Remember my warning on arriving late. I did that once and almost didn't get in that Thur night.

Have a safe drive up. Our lights will be on every evening.


I have site 19. If anyone wants to go but doesn’t have a site I have room for an additional tent on my site.

I have site 19. Only 1 or 2 more sites available Plus a few primitive tent sites

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I’m in. I will see about getting signed up on line.


Jon Flournoy

Richardson Service 1991 Inc.

2667 Highway 378

Conway, SC 29527



Thur 9/26-Sun 9/29. Lake Jocasse/Devils Fork St Pk is on for this fall. Come share the weekend and paddle with Julie and I at the wildest and most gorgeous lake in SC. You'll need to sign up now as the list of available sites is quite short. We've reserved site #22. Available campsites nearby are dwindling at this point. For you newbies Lake Joacssee is the wildest lake left in SC. The water is crystalline. Water Falls pour in at numerous places. The lakeside is 99% wild. The only drawback, it is located in the furthest NW corner of our state, but it is worth the drive. Go to to check it out and grab a spot now. 
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