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Thursday Jul 4th Show N Go Sullivans Island Statin...
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Really appreciate any and all trip suggested days to paddle.   We have been going out on Thursday because it was not as busy as the weekend boating.  There is no reason that we can't go on another day or on more than one day a week.  Most people in the Thursday paddle work and are off on Thursday.    Please let me know if you are interested in going on a different day or on more than one day a week.  I am retired and can go any day or more than one day that I don't have a doctor appointment or family commitment.    We have a great group of paddlers that are a pleasure to be with.    Just like weather conditions or holiday celebrations are not the best on some Thursdays, We have the option to change or cancel that week.   Would like to get more feed back   Thanks for making my time with you more enjoyable.  Michael    
The traffic jam getting to Sullivan’s Island on the 4th isn’t something I want to deal with. Read news article this morning saying Sullivan’s and Mt P police will have every available guy on duty to direct traffic on the 4th.

How bout rescheduling this Thursday to another day. Thursday on Monday? LOL!

The advantage we locals have is we can let the tourists have the beach on the 4th. We have the other 360 days plus. 😎

So....I’m out Thursday due to traffic but open to a reschedule.
Anybody 2nd that?

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Thursday Jul 4th Show N Go Sullivans Island marsh side 10 am.  Trying to stay away from busy boat ramps and heavy boat traffic .  High tide is 9:56 am.   Plan to stay out of busy intercostal boat traffic.  Will paddle to beach inlet to see dolphins feeding and then land on front beach of Sullivans Island until tide goes out and then paddle out to sand bars.  It will be hot so plan to cool off and relax in protected water.  Suggest 14 ft. kayaks or longer, must wear PFD and have a whistle.  Bring water, snack, sun screen, sun glasses, head covering, towel, a smile and what ever makes you happy.    Please allow extra time to and from home to landing for extra holiday traffic.    Michael Condon, or phone 843-666-7417 or 843-884-5114. 
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