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Welcome to The LowCountry Paddlers
since 1987... making the most of our beautiful coast

Lowcountry Paddlers is a
Paddle America Club (PAC)
Affiliate of the 
American Canoe Association ( ACA)

Lowcountry Paddlers recognizes and endorses the
Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission
for their locally organized
paddling events and numerous
educational opportunities. 
Check them out!

 **New 5th Edition**

Kayak Charleston
by Ralph Earhart
Places to paddle within one hour of Charleston

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Good deal on Ralph's book: Kayak Charleston: Trips...
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In an effort to make the 5th edition of my book available to more Lowcountry Paddlers, I’m going to absorb the postage and sales tax costs for the book if a Lowcountry paddler orders one before Christmas.  The cost is $18 and all you need to do is send me the order form with an $18 check and note: "LCP member”.

This is a great present for a paddling friend or a great gift to have one of your family members buy for you.  (YUP..You can order it on behalf of a family member to give it to you).

Why do you need the  5th edition?

  • It has a few more trips and landings that past editions
  • It has the address, as well as the latitude and longitude of each landing. You can put either into your phone’s mapping application to determine when you need to leavefor a landing.
  • Among the new trips is the 8 Bridge Challenge which is credited to Tara Harney and Michael Condon in the book
  • It has a great endorsement from our club president on the back cover.

You can access the order form by clicking on the Kayak Charleston link on the club’s home page, or go directly to my web page:  and click on the order book link.


Ralph Earhart

843 509 3037

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