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Next 2 weekends
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I plan on being at the picnic as well.

John Frassanito 

I plan on being at the Picnic.

Hi Again,

The weekend being the Memorial 3 day weekend an its crowds we don't usually schedule a paddle, but so what. Julie and I have some company in town, but if I see a break I want to get a ShownGo on the calendar. Maybe from the throw-in under under the I526 bridge. Someplace where we don't have to fight powerboat traffic.

Next weekend of course is the LCP picnic which I do expect to see most of you. It's all the normal thing as described earlier with the paddle and this year an opportunity for some rescue training from our new instructors. Billy is working on the new training page on the website. He's just figuring out the registration method with our website. We have been talking of adding SUP to the schedule and some have said they've not tried it yet. Bev said she'd bring some paddleboards. If I can find room in the truch I'd like bring ours along.

Look for a post on this weekend if I can wing it. Otherwise call another member and get out your self.


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